2010 June 1 in portal sites, sohu first enter 43,200 fields

2011-03-30 09:05


 stood with vertical sohu aika group relying on different, sohu portal matrix rich clients and users resources, to daily life can involve almost all the fields. Sohu aika regimental 43,200 way not only provides the user with big commodity preferential, still provides customers with new network Microsoft Office is so great!

marketing service, further help sohu revitalize the upstream resources and deep cut users value.

By a few days ago, sohu aika regiment in the Beijing area only to organise team-buying sessions has successfully hosted 29 times, successful rate was 100%. 1 million 3 thousands more in sohu aika regiment success by low discount successful purchase of commodities right. Participate in a bulk business including gree, duoleshi, kohler, HuaDi, Mr Pugh, oupuoptics, quanjude, pearl river Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

real estate, involving real estate, household goods, hutch defends, catering, electrician, building materials and other fields, the highest number of single purchase. Nearly 2,400 The sohu aika group launched the discount rate up to 99 million bridal chamber will further consolidate their team, the competitive advantage.

Recently, sohu focus will also hand in hand throughout the country developers, nationwide is gradually, in order to reduce jan.7 to promote new user purchasing cost, allowing users to enjoy Office 2007 makes life great!

the best 43,200 preferential. According to understand how home, and famous real estate developers to sohu aika regimental 43,200 expressed strong interest, and prepared with the cooperation of bridal chamber 43,200.

Since November 2008 团购网 stood Groupon 194% since America, jan.7 to quickly become the Internet industry pattern to be bestowed favor on newly. At present, only 1 1/2 years of established Groupon reached an estimated 10 million dollars, far above appreciation rate now full-fledged Facebook and Twiiter Twiiter growth rate is twice. The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

EScanAV as international well-known antivirus product safety in the global range all has the important influence and consumer attention. This report will intercepted some international famous antivirus software evaluation institutions to eScanAV assessment result, in effect the performance of the system, killing virus ability, remove malware ability objectively aspects of comparison and evaluation.

A, effect the performance of the system

In February 2010, authoritative security software evaluation organization for antivirus software aV Microsoft Office 2007     is welcomed by the whole world.

- comparative effect the performance of the system made detailed assessment report. This report includes almost all the foreign mainstream antivirus software, and in the following several aspects has made the detailed contrast and score:

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