Below are calculated respectively began three set standards of charges:

2011-03-16 08:41


Calculating local camouflage hear D package communications combined. In the E listed last input = SUM (E2: E290), ha ha, my call charge calculated, 24.8 yuan. Microsoft Office 2010 is the best software in the world.

Calculating local package fee. Global Because local called free, so first remove all called dialog. Use calls sorting, delete type can.

It then calculates calling billing times. Billing principle is insufficient 60 seconds calculation for 60 seconds. In this form new column J. = will (D2/60.1), and then put the formulae are listed Office 2010 is powerful!


Ask call number. In L61 on input = SUM (J2: J65), ha ha, call times out, 94, the caller cost is $18.8.

Calculation m-zone music combo. Busy for Monday through Friday during 9 - you 2l point, the rest - 6pm for when idle.

Beg talk time for week. Input = WEEKDAY (LEFT (C2.6). 2), get 1-7 between digital, correspond Buy Office 2007 you can get much convenience.

Monday to Sunday.

Then deal with talk time. Add a line L, = hour-by-hour (LEFT (RIGHT (C2.8). 5)), get digital format of talk time.

Calculation when idle busy. Add a line M, input (OR = AND L64 > = (AND (L64 < = 9. 12), AND (L64 > = 18. L64 < = 21)), OR (K64 = 1. K64 = 2. K64 = 3. K64 = 4. K64 = 5)). Microsoft Office 2007 can give you more convenient life.

OFFICE document is our OFFICE in the most commonly used one document formats, it contains storage contents are generally involves a company or individual the important content, in many cases are banned from others to modify or view. So how to do it? Actually, the reasonable use of version of the software itself some Settings can better satisfy everyone's requirements. Next, we will with Word 2003 as an example to introduce the specific methods.

A, the setting of the preservation password

Use password protection for your document, is one of the most common practice. Password protection are divided into two layers, namely open access password and modify permissions password. Office 2007 key is very convenient!

Set your password for your document a total of two places can undertake, the operation is simple. If the document is first save, then we can turn on "save as" window is set to preserve location and filename, click "save as" window corner "tool" button in the pop-up menu select "security options" command open "security" window, here we can set respectively "open file's password" and "revised document's password", I suggest you do not take these two password set for the same content.