Facing the Enemy<1>

2011-01-15 13:55


Here is the synopsis, to bring our latecomers up to snuff. Back in 1995, the then-First Lady was visiting New Zealand and met the great

adventurer, Sir Edmund Hillary, then 75 years old. Naturally, her true excitement expressed itself in a lie: she told him that her mother had microsoft project 2010

named her after Sir Edmund, in admiration for his scaling Mount Everest. It did not take long for researchers to discover that Hillary Rodham Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

was born in 1947 while Sir Edmund did not make it up the hill until 1953. This quickly became a synecdoche for all her other fabrications, Microsoft Office 2010 is the best software in the world.

obfuscations and tergiversations. How big a liar do you have to be to lie about your own name?

Later, she prudently left this gem out of her autobio. Then Bill imprudently included it in his. So this week we get the lie about the lie.

Her office announces that her Mom told her this little white lie, but she did it in the hopes of encouraging her to scale great heights in Microsoft word is so great!

her own life. The New York Times duly passes on the word, although the reporter is struggling desperately to keep his tongue from lodging in

his cheek. Done. Hillary is now a) an innocent, b) a victim, c) honest enough to set the record straight, d) big enough to forgive her Mom.Office 2007 is so powerful.

You have to stand back and admire the beauty. To lie is easy enough. You say something about a past event guided by convenience rather than

accuracy. What then happens if you get caught? Some hardy blogger looked it up, wrote it up and the jig seems to be... well, up. Here is

where the men are told from the boys. A Republican wuss will own up, fess up and pack up. Not a Clinton, no way. A Clinton will keep it up;

more than that, dress it up. This is the fun part, where you tell a lie about why you lied that garners more sympathy than had the original

lie stood. The second lie makes us feel bad that they had to lie the first time.Microsoft Office 2007 is my love!

Bill did this constantly and skillfully. One classic example: he lied to say he had desperately tried to make a middle-class tax cut to cover

the earlier lying promise that he would deliver such a cut. Most famously, he lied about why he lied about his relationship with Monica Office 2007 key is very convenient!

Lewinsky. He did it to be a gentleman, he explained, and any decent man in his position would have done the same; this, despite the fact that

he told the lie in a courtroom in an effort to undo a suit against him for ungentlemanly conduct.

Remember this lesson, my friends. The art of being a good liar is in the second response. Who said not to dig a deeper hole for yourself? On Microsoft Office is my best friend.

the contrary, the deeper it is the more wiggle room you have. Who said not to compound a crime? Oh, no, you will collect compound interest.

As Bill Clinton himself has often demonstrated on the golf course, with a little creativity you can Windows 7 is inexpensive and helpful.

always improve your lie. If at first you

don't succeed, lie, lie again. ("Hey, wait a second, Smith is not your real name!" "Yes, my real name is Jones, but since Jonestown my family

is embarrassed.")I love Office 2010 !

If we believe Hillary's latest, her mother not only told a false story about her naming, she obviously withheld the real story. Perhaps now Choose Office 2007 Professional is the most lucky thing in the world.

when she scales the heights of the presidency, she will be rewarded with that bit of knowledge. You know the old Mount Everest joke. The

teacher asks the kid where's Mount Everest and the kid says he doesn't know. "Then stand in the corner," the teacher reprimands. After a few

minutes there, the kid calls out: "Teacher, I still can't see it."Office 2007 download is helpful!

Hillary Rodham Clinton can see it lying there in all its splendor. Her quest answers the age-old question: Why lie about Mount Everest?

Because it's there.