HuangZhiHua: I sayMicrosoft office 2010

2011-04-12 10:54


 thunderbolt! Because I usually also would use the thunderbolt, I think the whole either from from the digital download or issue of words, I actually think in this industry has two I think is very important. One is the copyright, the copyright how in the entire contents Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

include its content produced the spread of the process, can get good protection or value, I think this is very important. This is a bit.

The second point, we actually used in the traditional industry inside, we often see a lot of the issuing company, I think through the Internet to realize to the user or is the user effective market segment, I think, is also very arrive is very important. Including his experience how can get successive ascensions, this also is very important.

From my own use speaking, may hope it more copyrighted content makes to our consumers in use process value-for-money, or some of its functions in I use or ease and power can do better, these I is very wants to see. Office 2010 is my love.

Moderator: thank you. Your side of any hope of antivirus?

ROM name: actually just speak of the users to download is based on this aspect of the safety of natural need, because after all, we service clients, the download from antivirus vendors or security vendors this Angle with us to provide better security for thunderbolt of experience, this could be my hope to cooperate in the future time do better point.

In China, the reporter software rise summit invitations to different areas IT industry executives, launched two interviews, through their perspective to interpret economic development direction of Microsoft Office is inexpensive and helpful.

harsh winter and industry.

The storm FengXin (video), CEO of HuangMingMing express CEO network with reporters

December 18, 2007, brother, this word some river lake, but let a person feel natural and thick cordiality. The arrival of the Internet industry in the winter, people's sense of urgency has intensified, brother cordiality also then become more prominent. In the first "sharing co-prosperity Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.

towards the world Chinese software rise summit" with China, reporters leading enterprise in the Internet industry dialogue, and readers President share their "brother feeling".

Host: reporter

Guests: the storm FengXin network video CEO HuangMingMing express CEO

The following splendid view the:

Economic winter coming although increased business to enterprises, but also the difficulty of industry become more unity, to everyone's brother cordiality seems to have become more prominent in this section.

At this time, HuangMingMing will himself in the American experience the Internet bubble of experience to share with his brother FengXin. Microsoft Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.

This time FengXin feel lonely, which brings the total of loneliness, business HuangMingMing share his and. He also hope to have more Internet practitioners brothers into come in.

In two personal view, this economic winter is a terrible place, but on the other hand it also makes originally in the Internet has contradictions enterprise becomes harmonious rise, "enemy" dissolving into a brother.