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 Mock suns, and rods too, are due to the causes we have described.A mock sun is caused by the reflection of sight to the sun. Rods areseen when sight reaches the sun under circumstances like those whichwe described, when there are clouds near the sun and sight isreflected from some Microsoft Office is so great!

liquid surface to the cloud. Here the cloudsthemselves are colourless when you look at them directly, but in thewater they are full of rods. The only difference is that in thislatter case the colour of the cloud seems to reside in the water,but in the case of rods on the cloud itself. Rods appear when thecomposition of the cloud is uneven, dense in part and in part rare,and more and The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

less watery in different parts. Then the sight isreflected to the sun: the mirrors are too small for the shape of thesun to appear, but, the bright white light of the sun, to which thesight is reflected, being seen on the uneven mirror, its colourappears partly red, partly green or yellow. It makes no differencewhether sight passes through or is reflected from a medium of thatkind; the colour is the same in both cases; if it is red in thefirst case it must be the same in the other.     Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

                                   Rods then are occasioned by the unevenness of the mirror-asregards colour, not form. The mock sun, on the contrary, appearswhen the air is very uniform, and of the same density throughout. Thisis why it is white: the uniform character of the mirror gives thereflection in it a single colour, while the fact that the sight isreflected in a body and is thrown on the sun all together by the mist,which is dense and watery though not yet quite water, causes the sun'strue colour to appear just as it does when the reflection is fromthe dense, Microsoft Office 2007 is my love!

smooth surface of copper. So the sun's colour beingwhite, the mock sun is white too. This, too, is the reason why themock sun is a surer sign of rain than the rods; it indicates, morethan they do, that the air is ripe for the production of water.Further a mock sun to the south is a surer sign of rain than one tothe north, for the air in the south is readier to turn into water thanthat in the north.           Office 2007 is so powerful.