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WE have explained that the qualities that constitute the elementsare four, and that their combinations determine the number of theelements to be four. Two of the qualities, the hot and the cold, are active; two, the dryand the moist, passive. We can satisfy ourselves of this by looking atinstances. In every case heat and cold determine, conjoin, andchange things of the same kind and Microsoft Office 2010 is the best software in the world.

things of different kinds,moistening, drying, hardening, and softening them. Things dry andmoist, on the other hand, both in isolation and when presenttogether in the same body are the subjects of that determination andof the other affections enumerated. The account we give of thequalities when we define their character shows this too. Hot andcold we describe as active, for Office 2010 is powerful!

'congregating' is essentially aspecies of 'being active': moist and dry are passive, for it is invirtue of its being acted upon in a certain way that a thing is saidto be 'easy to determine' or 'difficult to determine'. So it isclear that some of the qualities are active and some passive.                                  

Next we must describe the operations of the active qualities and theforms taken by the passive. First of all, true becoming, that is,natural change, is always the work of these powers and so is Buy Office 2007 you can get much convenience.

thecorresponding natural destruction; and this becoming and thisdestruction are found in plants and animals and their parts. Truenatural becoming is a change introduced by these powers into thematter underlying a given thing when they are in a certain ratio tothat matter, which is the Office 2007 key is very convenient!

passive qualities we have mentioned. Whenthe hot and the cold are masters of the matter they generate athing: if they are not, and the failure is partial, the object isimperfectly boiled or Microsoft Office 2007 can give you more convenient life.

otherwise unconcocted. But the strictest generalopposite of true becoming is putrefaction. All natural destructionis on the way to it, as are, for instance, growing old or growing dry.Putrescence is the end of all these things, that is of all naturalobjects, except such as are destroyed by violence: you can burn, forinstance, flesh, bone, or anything else, but the natural course oftheir destruction ends in putrefaction.