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2010-11-03 09:00


p>Contradicting this is the case of the NFL. Players, compared to baseball, have a far shorter career and higher injury risk. Thus, the pool

of talent is limited because it cannot sustain a large field of professional caliber players. The collegiate level is the best gauge for

upcoming talent, but the ever present "busts" make it clear that across the board equal spending does not translate into equally competitive

teams. Another factor that contributes to salary cap system is the small number of contests played in comparison to baseball; a player and

team have time to excel and decline within the same year due to the large pool of games played. br> --

There was once a standing joke that if the Yankees hadn't clinched the pennant by Labor Day there should be a Congressional investigation.

But if the secret was simply the wealth of the NYC market, then how come Stoneham had to move the Giants to San Francisco, and O'Malley move

"dem Bums" to Los Angeles? And how come the Mets, theoretically with the access to the same wealth and broadcast markets for the last 45

years, have a relatively abysmal record?

The first serious attempt to "break up the Yankees" occurred when the player draft was instituted, and it worked. When mortality took away

the Mick and all his team mates, the player draft carefully controlled who got whom, but most importantly the Topping family sold out to CBS,

Yankee fans of the 1970s were no happier than Mets fans.

But then George Steinbrenner bought the team, and put his big bucks where his big mouth was. And the rest is history.

p>It's not the market. It's not the "lottery of life." It's the right man with the right vision and the will to make it happen. Nothing new.

br> -- Frank Natoli br> Newton, New Jersey /p> p> KEYES TO SUCCESS br> Re: W. James

Though he is welcomed to be a member of the CP, I cannot in good conscience support him and reject that his supporters state that our

opposition to undeclared, unconstitutional wars are naive. Our name would be worth nothing if we support his neoconservative wars of

aggression and his ignoring constitutional stances. If he thinks it is necessary, his attitude is "constitution be damned." As a Catholic, it

is sad that Keyes buys it the un-Catholic stances of preemptive war and wars of aggression to further a N.W.O. push into traditional cultures

and nations. Also, there is his support of un-Catholic economics. The real reason for war in Iraq and elsewhere is to further push the

Bilderberger/N.W.O. agenda and Keyes seems ready to dance with the devil and enable him all at the same time. br> -- Chris Campbell br>