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2011-03-16 08:44


In English literature, generally ask sentence first uppercase. If a document quite long, need to change the letter is more, then it will be a very troubling. Next, we will with you together to solve Office 2007 makes life great!

this problem.

Since many documents from page copy, so there would be many Spaces. The first step is to delete this Spaces. Text that will be copied to the Word after open "edit" menu "replacement" the order, in the "search content" type ". "(English period and a Spaces), in" replacement for "type". ", and then click "all" button will replace all extra Spaces are deleted. Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

Meanwhile Word change case is required at the end of the sentence have space, so we need each with ". "punctuation behind to add a space. Opened them again "substitute" window, "search content" type ". "in" replacement for "place". "(English input end and a Spaces) and click on" all replace "button. Many people like Microsoft Office.

Many friends don't understand why are two contrary to replace. Actually the first replacement is keeping extra Spaces to delete, second replacement is in each at the end of a sentence only add a space. Now the office more and more apt paperless office, Excel2007 application also becomes Windows 7 make life wonderful!

more frequently. But in Excel2007 operating process we might accidentally met print button or some people don't pay attention to economize, more casual print Excel2007 files, even is directly Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.    

banned the average person print Excel2007 files. This does not affect edit Excel2007 documents preservation of growth operation circumstance how should we refuse to file type?

Actually this is quite simple, we only need to use a DuanHong instructions can solve, concrete operation is as follows:

Press the Alt key + F11 open VBA editor, if VBA bought pane shows no words and press Ctrl + R combination of its v, Right-click the Workbook ", select "at.this" code ", then the code window inside input: Office 2007 download is helpful!