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ROSES FOR TOKYO br> Re: George H. Wittman's The Nuances of Co-Prosperity : /p>

Mr. Wittman's article seems to convey a concern over the fact that Japan, a reliable U.S. ally for over fifty years, is now asserting its Windows 7 make life wonderful!

foreign policy independence. I must say, I don't understand his fear of a resurgent Japan. In my mind, the rise of Japan in the post-WWII

years is one of the very few positive geo-political developments for the U.S. Japan has provenOffice 2007 Professional bring me so much convenience.

itself to be the only non-Anglo country that

has been consistently supportive of the U.S. in times of crisis. As the second-largest economy in the world, their somewhat obsequious

deference to U.S. foreign policy interests has been a major stumbling block to their full integration into the modern defense framework. It Office 2010 download is available now!

is rarely mentioned in the leftist MSM, but the fact is that today the U.S. (having about 26% of world GDP) and Japan (having about 17% of

world GDP) generates about half of all of the industrial output of the developed world. Why Office 2010 key is for you now!

castigate the Japanese for now requiring the

rightful recognition commensurate with their strengths?

p>When I consider the history of the past fifty years, during which our European "allies" have Many people use Microsoft Office 2007 to help their work and life.

continually acted counter to our attempts to

secure their defense (which is a development that I find beyond rational understanding), the Office 2007 is so powerful.

inconsistent support of the Indian sub-continent

(regardless of today's lukewarm business relationship), and the fact that we have had outright shooting wars with Russia and China (directly

and through their proxies), I have to conclude that aligning ourselves with the Japanese is a no-brainer, not something to fret over. Let our

other erstwhile "allies" and avowed enemies be forced to make their accommodations to the growing U.S.-Japan alliance. What could be better!

br> -- Harry Hill /p> p> BIG BAD JOHN br> Re: Doug Bandow's John McCain: Beyond the Microsoft Office 2010 is the best software in the world.

Fusionist Pale

Nothing wrong, or as far as I know inaccurate, about anything in Mr. Bandow piece. But he said not a word about McCain's teaming up with Ted

Kennedy in the Senate last year to sponsor a comprehensive immigration reform bill, a bill which pushed for amnesty, pushed for greatly

increased numbers of so-called guest workers despite the absence of compelling data that we need them, and which paid scant attention to Microsoft Office is so great!

border enforcement.

I would say two things: first, teaming up with Ted Kennedy on anything is a dubious way to burnish one's alleged conservative credentials and

presidential aspirations; second, unless I miss my guess others will also be writing to remind that Office 2010 is powerful!

McCain, as senators are wont to say,

helped 'lead the charge' to try and shove unwanted and poorly considered immigration legislation down our throats.

p>During or soon after that failed attempt, in response to a question about a border fence, McCain was quoted as snippily saying: "Aw hell,

I'll build the damn fence if that's what they want." (One possible interpretation: I'll say that I'll build the damn fence if that'll help outlook 2010 is so great!

get me elected.) Hardly a profile in principled politicking. br> -- C. Vail /p> p> Thank you, Doug Bandow. It is good to have solid reasons

to back up my visceral dislike for Senator McCain. May he remain the Senior Senator from Arizona forever -- one percent of the Senate!!! I

can't wait to read the rest of the Letters to the Editor today. br> -- Judy Beumler /p> p> Mr. Bandow's rundown on John McCain's non-visio 2010

conservative/conservative political career is useful, if only to remind that conservatives have been so hungry to have one of their own in

power, that some will continue to support a recurring candidate who may have few, if any, conservative credentials -- regardless of what he

says and in spite of his voting record. br> -- C. Kenna Amos