Over 50 killed in Iraqi bomb attacks

2010-09-10 14:24


The guards fired back but the bomber managed to hit the building which is close to the entrance and the powerful blast destroyed part of the headquarters building, including the hall of the meeting, killing the four leaders inside.

In the afternoon, three Iraqi soldiers were killed and three others were wounded by multiple explosions when they were trying to defuse bombs planted in the house of a former Awakening Council group member in a village in Abu Ghraib area west of Baghdad.

In a separate incident, Amer al-Timimi, a former Awakening Council group member, was killed when a magnetic bomb attached to his car went off in Abu Ghraib area in the afternoon. Office 2007 Professional is very good!

Timimi is the brother of Abu Azzam al-Timimi, official in charge of the Awakening Council group in the once al-Qaida strongholds of Abu Ghraib and the nearby al-Amiriya areas.

Abu Azzam blamed the Iraqi government for the attacks that targeted his brother and Sahwa fighters, saying the government neglected the Sahwa groups and its security forces are not capable of taking over security.

"The government prevent us from securing our areas and handed over the security control to the police and the army, but they are infiltrated by various militias and not capable of providing security," Abu Azzam told Xinhua.

"Now we see attacks come back after the government forces took over the security file," he said.

The Awakening Council group consists of armed groups, including some powerful anti-U.S. Sunni insurgent groups, who fought the al-Qaida network after the latter exercised indiscriminate killings against both Shiite and Sunni Muslim communities.

The latest spate of attacks shed light on the challenges that the fragile Iraqi security forces are going to face after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the country according to the security agreement signed between Baghdad and Washington late in 2008.