Reporter: you there? Microsoft office 2010

2011-04-12 10:57



HuangMingMing: me too, one of the major product line last year in advertising. In fact, it is just beginning to try to stage, I probably in February, it was opened in March, including some of our content tips, some recommended advertising forms until this year, July and August this year summer and water belongs to try next year I believe this stage, there will be a larger piece of Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

ascension. Also now an army is still in the crowded online joint operations, everybody every are doing, I believe, in the dead of winter economy more and more online industry may be more development, that for we have larger volume, it is also the flow of the way better realizable, behold thy team can analysis the characteristics of good your users, and launched he likes to play online, the two quick will have a huge growth opportunities. Office 2010 is my favorite.

Reporter: have consideration to purchase some company?

HuangMingMing: I said is joint operations.

Reporter: next meet pushed some new products? Or consolidate their product line.

FengXin: I think to consolidate primarily.

Express and storm has been cooperation

Reporter: you still bullish on Internet field next year? In the big IT inside, think what areas also will be better, IT feels like I will still have some opportunities in the inside?

HuangMingMing: two, one is vertical field of electronic commerce, the vertical refers to either its single profit is very high, can vertical integration, say such as make shirts, do some pop underwear, they are now also explored, but I think you can put some production line vertical integration, at least I see them after the gross profit margin to 80% in about 75 percent of this is a very high gross margin, how to make the left is your brand, to make the vote on the Internet every month or traditional media marketing budget on down, users can also keep lead, vertical e-commerce I comparison favors. And the wireless phone operation field, I also will prefer a few companies. Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.

FengXin: I still think though I don't like mobile phones, but the community games, there are so many now do something, users of value, I think, on the one hand, the economic environment is bad is game, the game a little bit better, game one thousand thousand a month they handed in, I asked several game company, "a month in your total more than 3,000 proportion of how many", more. Shi yuzhu made a game, he changed the Settings, but pay after the multiply. I think shi yuzhu smarter. I think the community is 100 percent, community don't spend money, I will prefer community. And I always like software. Microsoft Office is helpful.

Reporter: actually this several areas you also compare interlinked, any plans next year closer, some with some cooperation?

HuangMingMing: there have been talking about. I think from the download to broadcast includes online this piece is actually meet user obtaining video or large capacity demand, here, each have each specialty, I think there are a lot of things can cooperate.

Time, Ren 68:1736 let ever 1.4 billion people expect 2008 will pass, thunderbolt alliance as China's biggest download business cooperation alliance, adhering to the cooperation share win-win cooperation ideas for Chinese adsense deliver download and related business cooperation, and once thunder through the dogs search for cooperation adsense to flow, a move welcomed by adsense adored. Microsoft Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.