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2011-04-12 10:49


through our integrated 360 security software, we can undertake online backup. Such a simple example, I would want to explain, but whether we to online behavior to protect our Internet applications, and our products is the fusion through some Internet means to provide our users better a protection. Microsoft Office is so great!

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Host: in the channel expanding how to consider the might and thunderbolt that has now been broken through, platform to work in doing this?

HuangZhiHua: in fact, our channels in fact we are very diverse channels, we might be more The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

familiar except everyone outside, we also have channel of the channel, we also OEM online shop, we may have to go through some online alliance with some websites cooperation, and we also with some Internet service providers also provides such a cooperative mode. In this regard, we are Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

willing to work with many Internet some enterprise to mutual cooperation and common to build a kind of give us consumer confidence, the kind of more security like just thunderbolt would also spoke about, they are doing content, may be released, but the content to do when the user downloads, get in this issue, how to guarantee when the safety of this content, but from the symantec speaking, we not only in the consumer market is one of the world's leading, we also Outlook 2010 is powerful.

throughout the enterprise market we is also a leading security to try. We have a set of solutions, from our client to our website or is enterprise's backstage offers a complete solution, guarantee the content of the entire spread from its process of reach our customers are safe.

Host: financial crisis to the entire Internet environment actually have influence from thunderbolt side, see you here have how old?

LuoWeiMin: you mean the influence of income?

LuoWeiMin: the environment of Internet is really weakened up, the upstream of the capital and then affect here, the whole field some development might not be a too boom. Mainly by Internet consumption of anti-virus software. Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

HuangZhiHua: I think we talked more called winter winter, to say that I think there are several winter way, there is a call the most negative way that hibernate, have a kind of call heating, have a kind of winter cold, we want movement, need to increase vigor. Symantec speaking, I think from the first, we have to keep warm, we'll talk to our partners, with more network like thunderbolt and so on some company we are willing to go more cooperation of mutual cooperation, through mutual heating, I think this is the first point.