The meeting, in China the Microsoft office 2007

2011-04-23 11:36


The meeting, in China the Microsoft office 2007

software industry plays an important role in the antivirus software vendors to the current total of product safety status voiced their opinions. In host to ESET NOD32 China always generation 2 edition ChenShuang hao technology deputy general manager Mr. Hao, ChenShuang when the Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.   

questions, "said, believe NOD32, believe that ESET brings you security is unprecedented."

ESET NOD32 China always generation 2 edition ChenShuang hao, deputy general manager of science and technology Office 2007 makes life great!


ChenShuang hao said, "a lot of people have a second edition technology on the understanding of the two misunderstandings', 'only as an edition of science and technology," he says, agent "second edition technology is not just a agent, shall second edition technology as a' provide value the Many people like Microsoft Office.

services of a introduce advanced technology products'".

In talking to antivirus software on technical issues, Mr Gallant ChenShuang proposed a "zero protection" concept. He said, "when the Internet now is virus has begun flooded the Windows platform from the mainstream, to finally driver start to service again to his starter, desktop startup, I love Office 2010 !

this process in fact now many applications including active defense are based on the service level. Now we see a lot of virus has gradually based on driver stage, they (refers to the virus) with driver start. This is the shock wave in 2003, when it really realize 'zero protection', virus did not upgrade, Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

he protection methods, including pandas, not to burn incense." after killing

Finally, general manager of ChenShuang hao, said the best products (refers to anti-virus software, bisio) is in the open period have "zero protection", the opening period from the page when execution. "

Zhongguancun online software information on December 23, has, by CBSi news (China) Windows 7 make life wonderful!

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