The researchers say,Office 2010

2011-05-06 14:22


this kind of product development, code-named "Racetrack", its capacity is the hard disk technology density of more than 100 times. Will use the wider than a human fine 10,000 times to realize the nano line records and retrieving data. Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.


At present, SSD drive (SSD 590 series SolidStateDisk), although have replaced the trend, but eventually hard drive to occupy the market possibilities but don't, because the SSD drive the cost was too expensive.

Recently, the video by violence optimal might prosecute news, with previously potatoes nets were included in the sarft warning punishment "black list", let video website "management norm" once Microsoft Office is inexpensive and helpful.

again become the focus. It is reported, March 31, the Internet audio-visual programmes service management regulations of formally began. The personage inside course of study says, April, the country will publish the first award licences video enterprise list.

Licensing have not confirmed the punishment have published

Enter since April, about sarft are issued by the Internet audio-visual service license in the news spread more widely, get the products from the first 10 units to 23 house home. Rumors Office 2010 is my love.


Reporter in administration of radio website and did not check list, but the personage inside course of study expresses, in April sarft will formally public first obtained "audio-visual service license" video enterprise list. Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.


"We firmly believe that as long as not illegal will get license." Yesterday, a "genuine alliance" quarks movie nets CEO from Chang when accepting a reporter to interview, though they are not expressed in the first batch of LingZhao queues, but can certainly for a pass.

From Chang told reporters that they actively prepared approval material next week ready, please Microsoft Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.

special persons to apply again after ratification by the state.