The Sinowal identified as Office

2011-04-23 11:30


The Sinowal identified as Office


the Internet will be the strongest Trojan, the main reason is that Sinowal can no traces of cases Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.     

infected victims of computer. Sinowal the criminals behind not only created extremely advanced malicious software, and still maintain a crime with an extremely concealment and reliable communications infrastructure. This infrastructure has let Sinowal collect and transmit the information for nearly 3 years. Office 2007 makes life great!


Make reporter surprise, these stolen data in a well-organized data warehouse got system organization, analysis and mining. But it is enough to lead the domestic numerous enterprise data Windows 7 make life wonderful!

center. At present Sinowal in global has successfully run for three years, for an online gang maintain its life cycle and manipulative, with effective use of a Trojan horse program, it is quite a long time.

The reporter topic once consulted domestic security experts, everybody's view is that few met over the years has been in constant steal and collect personal information and credit card data crime software. So be sure is, besides the long life cycle, the evolution of Sinowal also great - it's attack I love Office 2010 !

rate from march of this year has begun to rise sharply.

According to the World "report, a founder of Sinowal Trojan regularly released a new varieties, and register tens of thousands of Internet domain name as its communication resources. The aim is to enable Trojan uninterrupted control infected computers. Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!


So far, Sinowal use HTML infuse function, effectively will new web pages or information field is injected into the victim's Internet browser - and these victims who inject the content on the web, Many people like Microsoft Office.