The use of the software is simpler,

2011-03-16 08:39


 all Chinese interface, after start-up software directly click "add file" add need watermark processing Word doc (for easy processing, can will all documents in one directory under unified classification, and then click "add directory" add whole folders). Now, can choose the watermark Many people like Microsoft Office.

mode: picture watermarks or text watermarking.

Image watermark: click "choose photos selection need use pictures, and can be set zoom mode; Text watermark: "text" input directly in the watermark name, then need in setting dimensions, font, color, format can. Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.   

Word is our daily work the most common use of documentation tool, but many friends when use to encounter the document error, and often do. Don't just watched much-needed document cannot open and give up? Of course not, in fact in real give up before, do not prevent first take a look at our salvation action plan. Windows 7 make life wonderful!

First, the first plan: automatic recovery

If in the edit the document, suddenly encounter program stop response, crash, even death electricity, etc, while the document and timely preservation, then do not prevent according to normal operation method, and then restart the computer, such Word doc 2003 open automatically Office 2007 makes life great!

popup a document recovery operation window, in a window choose a late autosave projects for recovery. This brings loss falls nadir.

But if you want to improve the success rate of auto recovery, you still must work well in advance corresponding Settings. Namely open the Word "tool" under the menu "options" command, switch Office 2007 download is helpful!

to "save" TAB, and then select the "allow backstage preservation" and "autosave interval" option, at the same time "autosave interval" set an interval, this time shoulds not be too long. Save Settings, we can replace careless friends promptly preservation editor documentation. Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!