"video demand" isMicrosoft office 2007

2011-05-06 14:22


 given priority to, also on the web is provide TV, TV station vod services, the biggest concern "video sharing" kind website pass a small number, the more no private precedent. "Users upload Office 2007 is also the best office suite.

video, supervision and probably more difficult policy would be more cautious." FuHaoBo said.

Chang also think, this time from only give broadcast license issuing for a reason and broadcast kind the website really is in the majority, and broadcast, creation is two different qualifications the Microsoft Office 2007 give you a better life.

content, so policy should be treated differently. Chang from issuing felt that the video website is for private that inspired, not once like at preaching, "only for state-owned website" certificate.

The certificate will highlight the industry standard Microsoft Office 2010 makes work easier.


According to understand, has won the certificate must comply with the national standard, and the corresponding certification web sites have to sign "China's Internet audio-visual programmes Microsoft Office is very helpful for us.

service self-discipline". The "knockout punch" was to protect minors 1.62 million Internet users in Office 2010 is best for all office users.

China, at present, under the age of 30 more than 70 percent, 25 years old of the following more than 50%, students account for 1/3.