will amount to waste more Microsoft Office 2010

2011-05-27 09:11


than 1.2 billion degrees. If press each monthly average electricity 75 degrees computation, can for more than 130 million households, also be for a nearly 400 million population of cities offer one year life electricity.

No. 5 IT junk Outlook 2010 is powerful.


IT junk: who pay for $25 billion

Some experts predict, if not containing the virus as soon as possible and junk mail, the global Internet system is possible because unbearable heavy burden and in two years to collapse.

The eu survey showed that spam to Europe each year caused more than 60 billion euros economic Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

loss, to the world of economic loss as a result of higher 250 billion dollars.

July 16th "issued by the China Internet network development statistics report for a week, according to the number of user email respectively transceiver and 5.2 sealing and 3.7 seal, and Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

receive spam count as much as $9.3 closure.

Spam bring waste is infinite. First, it wasted users a lot of time and network resources, general processing 1 junk e-mails need at least 10 seconds, if received daily 9.3 junk e-mails, it takes about 10 minutes to handle. Although everyone reading an E-mail time is very short, but global hundreds of millions of netizens are widely use email, so -- how amazing, wasted time. Microsoft Office 2007 is my love!


Similarly, spam messages to telecom fees also creates a lot of loss and waste. According to China's Internet association secretary-general of anti-spam coordination group LiYuXiao introduction, because spam has international, our country some telecom departments IP address has therefore be foreign ISP kaput, caused irreparable damage. Office 2007 is so powerful.